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2021 - ongoing


Louwman Amigo

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Discover Amigo, a new car sharing service with a streamlined user-friendly app wherein you can share your Amigo lease car with your amigo's. Everything is controlled through the app and the costs are automatically divided. This way you can get on the road without hassle.

The problem

Not everyone has the luxury of a car, but they do want to experience the convenience of it. Cars are expensive and often stand still. Shared mobility like shared scooters and mopeds are already an emerging trend in big cities.

Our solution

But there is something new in town! Louwman Group created the ‘Amigo social network’. A concept where it is possible to use a car completely unburdened with a number of friends, family, neighbors or other acquaintances. And the best part, the monthly costs are divided and based on actual usage.



Louwman Group, founded in 1923, is a Dutch family business that has been one of the largest car distributors in Europe for almost 100 years. They are also active in retail, lease & financing, logistics and healthcare.

Amigo is the new car sharing concept of Louwman. Your own car, as with a private lease, combined with the advantages of carsharing. They have set up a sharing concept that significantly increases the use per car.


With this concept, car sharing becomes accessible to many interested people who currently do not have a suitable sharing solution at their disposal. An important part of the product is the app. With the app you cannot only see where your car is, and make reservations, it also replaces your car keys to actually open and close the car. Baseflow was asked to develop this app and its underlying platform.

“My standard is to be in control, but with Baseflow I feel I can let loose. I trust them completely and I am beyond positive. The clear communication, commitment and involvement is something that you don’t see a lot. Many companies can take an example from this.”

Aimée de Vries (business developer New Mobility at Louwman Group and founder Amigo)



To get a clear and shared vision on the goal of this new product we started by organizing several workshops. Amigo explained the customer journeys they already mapped out so far, and we showed them the Baseflow way of working. Also, we shaped the first backlog and overall style guide together to get started.

People over process

We find it important to give a clear vision of who we are, how we work and see if we can connect with each other. We believe great things can be created when working closely  together with the customer as one team. So, we do not work “for” a customer, but rather “with” the customer.

The collaboration is holistic and both parties are very satisfied so far.


A cohesive product

The result is an efficient app that provides everything you need to drive a car. In the app you can make car reservations, get an overview of your previous trips and always have a clear view on your costs so far. Also you do not need a physical key anymore, because the app also acts as your car keys. Just press the start button and go wherever you want!

User experiences

Both parties are very satisfied with the collaboration. The proactive attitude of Baseflow was appreciated and everybody is more than happy with the results so far. The end user experiences will be included in the further development of the app. This way the concept and app features will continuously be optimized.