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Marriott, Comcast

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Consultancy & collaboration created a true partnership that resulted in an excellent process and implementation.

The problem

Marriott's existing app by Transendent Maintenance needed an updated architecture and additional functionalities. Moreover, the maintenance platform needed expanding and the overall roadmap had to be refined. As the internal development team did not have the proper knowledge and resources to solve these challenges, they asked Baseflow to advise on this project.

Our solution

Our experienced developers worked with the internal development team to transform the native app teams, lead and train their development teams, build their maintenance platform and support the product team to refine their roadmap.


Marriott, Comcast (USA)

Marriott is an international brand of full-service hotels. Marriott was founded in 1957 and has a total of 665 locations across the world. Marriott is the creator of the Transcendent Maintenance asset management tool.

Transcendent Maintenance

Transcendent Maintenance is a powerful asset management software used worldwide by facility managers. With transcendent maintenance facility managers can track and protect their assets and documents from a single dashboard. In addition, facility managers can manage their maintenance operations from this fully-integrated computerized maintenance management system.

“Our cooperation has enabled us to deliver faster, with better quality. We love working together with Baseflow”

Jerimi Ford (CTO)


Agile Collaboration

We have worked together with the Marriott team using the agile methodology. The Marriott development team did not have experience working in agile environments; however, as Baseflow is an expert in agile working, we took the lead on this and coached the team on how to work in an agile environment effectively and the benefits that come with it. The result was that the overall communication improved immensely, roadmaps were made clear, and the overall predictability of the team output increased extensively.

MvvmCross Integration

We used Xamarin forms and MvvmCross to optimize the usage of the cross-platform framework. We worked with the development team to achieve a great fit between the data layer, the business layer, and the UI layer of the system. We have made these layers work independently from each other so that they are better maintainable.


True Partnership

A true partnership was formed, which was deemed incredibly successful by both sides. The combination of clear communication and passion for the project resulted in effective collaboration. The Marriott and Baseflow team learned from each other through extensive knowledge exchange sessions and worked together to lift the app to a higher level.

Excellent Implementation

An excellent implementation of MvvmCross resulted in improved communication between the frontend and backend systems of the application. Moreover, we have implemented a scanner functionality within the application wherein users can use their mobile device to scan items that get logged instantly.