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Open source

At its core, open source is about collaboration and sharing. By definition, open source projects are collaborative, and anyone can contribute. This includes code contributions, as well as documentation, testing, and user support. By collaborating on open source projects, we can work together to create better software faster than we could if we were working on our own. Furthermore, sharing our knowledge and expertise with others helps to make the open source community stronger as a whole. When we contribute to the open source community, we are not only helping to create better software, but we are also helping to build a strong and vibrant community.

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Open source is an important innovation driver. Hence we love to contribute to the community. We are recognized for our knowledge of the Microsoft and Google Flutter ecosystems. Our founders have been awarded the esteemed Microsoft MVP award for six years. In addition, our Flutter plugins have been recognized as Flutter favorites, which means that they are essential in creating a new Flutter project.

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Although not limited to the Flutter and .NET ecosystems, we are most famous for our work for these platforms.