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Baseflow is the #1 Flutter expert.

We are confident in the fact that Flutter is in the best position for companies who don't know where to start with (mobile) application development. Interested in developing your app in Flutter but don't know where to start? Our experienced teams are more than capable to help your vision become a reality.

Flutter is our core technology

We believe that Flutter is the best solution for application development and that's why we fully dedicate ourselves to this framework. We are one of the first global companies that have embraced the Flutter ecosystem which allowed us to develop the skills of our Flutter teams to a very high extent. Our teams are experts at developing Flutter apps for every industry and are very capable of making the ideas of our customers tangible.

We develop the best open source plugins

We develop and maintain some of the most popular open source Flutter plugins, such as the Geolocator, which provides easy access to platform-specific location services, and the Cached Network image, which is a flutter library to show images from the internet and keep them in the cache directory. Our open-source plugins have been given the 'Flutter Favorite' awards which means that they are very high quality and should be the first plugins you consider when building your app.

Experienced teams that are scalable

We currently have 45+ experienced developers, and our Baseflow family is still growing. This creates many possibilities; we're able to develop not only smaller applications but also applications for large enterprises with millions of users. Our team members are highly specialized in the Flutter framework and create concrete solutions for your business.

Stabilizing official Google Flutter plugins and taking them to the next level.

“We've experienced that Baseflow is able to deliver the quality that Google demands.”

Strategic partnership between Google and Baseflow
Focus on stabilization of existing Flutter plugins
Open source projects
Intensive knowledge sharing between the Flutter teams of Google and Baseflow
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Flutter: What is it?

Flutter Framework.

Flutter is a popular open-source mobile app development framework created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and the web. Flutter is known for its fast development cycles, native performance, and smooth animations. Additionally, Flutter provides easy-to-use widgets that can be used to build beautiful interfaces. In recent years, Flutter has become one of the most popular mobile app development frameworks in the world. Thanks to its wide range of features and ease of use, Flutter is well-suited for creating cross-platform applications with a single codebase for every platform.

Why use Flutter?

Flutter provides developers with powerful frontends that are quickly built on iOS devices. Flutter helps streamline cross-platform application development and delivers consistent user experiences. If you're looking for a mobile app development framework that is fast, responsive and enables you to build beautiful user interfaces, then Flutter is a great choice. Because Flutter is free and open source, it is easy to start. Additionally, because Google backs Flutter, you can be confident that it is a high-quality framework that will continue to be supported and improved.

The pillars of Flutter.


Your vision, uncompromised

Flutter app showcasing the beauty of flutter


Real time changes while your app is running

Flutter app showcasing how you can have real time changes while your app is running


Speed limits are non-existent

Flutter app showcasing how flutter can be fast


Open source with an active experienced community

Picture of opensource page of the flutter github page


Develop one code, run it everywhere

Flutter on several devices

How can you benefit from Flutter?

One code base

Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities mean that developers can write one codebase and build for iOS, Android, web, and desktop—all from a single codebase. This not only saves time but also allows for code reuse, which further speeds up the development process. Normally, a large bulk of the costs of development come from having to develop for every code base. By developing in Flutter you will only need to develop, test, and maintain one code base which results in a lower cost basis. Additionally, this allows for a quicker time-to-market of your product.

High performance

Flutters are quick. Our Flutter design supports glitched, crash-free graphics at native speeds on your device. Flutter code uses the world-renowned Dart language allowing compiling 32bit and 64bit ARM machine code for iOS and Android. Flutter apps are fast and responsive because they are compiled directly to native ARM code. This results in apps that feel natural and smooth, just like users expect. Take the speed limiter of your app!

Hot reload

Flutter’s hot reload feature helps developers quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster by allowing them to develop with the app open. Hot reload also allows for a more collaborative development process as it enables developers to see the impact of their changes almost immediately and reduce time needed to test.

Easy integration

Our experts are capable of efficiently integrating Flutter into your existing applications. You do not always need to create a new app from scratch or rewrite your code to Flutter.

Flutter supports.

Mac OS

Flutter SDK.

The Flutter SDK is a development toolkit that helps you develop high-quality applications for multiple platforms. It includes a Dart compiler, libraries, and tools that enable you to develop faster with hot reload, use a rich set of Flutter widgets, build beautiful user interfaces, access native platform functionality, and integrate with other popular frameworks and libraries.

Dart Language

Dart is a client-optimized language that is developed by Google. The dart SDK is used to build web, server, and mobile applications. Dart is easy to learn for developers who are already familiar with object-oriented languages such as Java or JavaScript. Additionally, Dart provides a number of features that make it well-suited for mobile app development, such as hot reload and a rich set of libraries and tools.

Flutter Team

The Flutter team is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Flutter framework. The mission of the Flutter team is to enable developers to build beautiful user interfaces for all platforms using a single codebase. To achieve this, the team is constantly working on improving the Flutter framework and adding new features.

Flutter Widgets

Flutter widgets are the building blocks of Flutter applications. They are used to create simple yet powerful user interfaces. There are two types of widgets: stateless and stateful. Stateless widgets are immutable, meaning that they cannot be changed after they have been created. Stateful widgets, on the other hand, can be modified after they have been created

Flutter provides a rich set of Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-style) widgets that can be used to build beautiful user interfaces. Additionally, Flutter's platform-specific UI components make it easy to create applications that look and feel like they are native to their respective platforms.

Our Flutter plug­ins.

Plugin name
Cache Manager
Cache Man­ager Fire­base
Cached Net­work Image
Geo­locator - Flutter favo­rite!
Google Api Avail­abil­ity
Location Per­missions
Per­mission Han­dler

Need help with these plugins?

Check the docu­men­tation

Often you will find the answer to your question in the documentation of the plugin.

Create an issue on GitHub

Missing a feature or found a bug? Create an issue for us to fix.

Make a pull re­quest and help others

Want to contribute a feature or bug fix? Don’t be shy and make a pull request.