Services that will help you accelerate

Innovation is the change that brings new value.

Our proposition.

Baseflow is a knowledge company: we help with services related to digital product development. Our services cover a wide range of disciplines involved with product development: design, strategy, development, management and organization.

Innovation is change that brings new value. From our expertise, we help you accelerate. Whether it’s strategy, process, or tech­nology: our consultants help you stream­line your business. We believe that positive change runs together on all levels.


We prefer to work with our Team-as-a-Service model (TaaS), which combines the advantages of sustainable knowledge with a dedicated, fine-tuned process to optimize software development. It ensures the process fits the team and not the other way around: quite often a reason for team underperformance and lack of happiness. For our customers, this model feels like a partnership more than a traditional client/customer relationship. In this highly agile environment and culture, we can accelerate your digital transformation.

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We help improve processes and structure your team, from a business, as well, as from a technology point of view. Our team of experienced specialists and generalists with a broad vision and knowledge of the latest state-of-the-art technology. With the combination of the experience of this team and our customers, we’re capable of delivering fantastic products.

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Due to our deep knowledge Baseflow is unique external partner for Industrial & Embedded software. Whether you have an issue that needs to be solved, require more knowledge, or need a technical intervention: our team is ready for you.

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Our amazing UX & UI Design Team enables customer to visualize their dreams! Often starting with a Sprint 0 they create meaningful designs.

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