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More information

How an annoyance became our newest product. The best inno­vations often arise from irritation with an existing product or out of a need, so includes our latest product.

The problem

In the field of data transfer platforms, the current range of platforms has a limit to the transfer of files. After this, a subscription is required, which is not suitable for everyone. This could be better and slimmer.

Our solution

The result is Binsend, a file management, and work­flow tool, where file sending is an efficient and easy way with a focus on receiving instead of sending the files.


Made for businesses

Binsend is a cloud-based, file-sharing platform, focused on the B2B market where document sharing between companies happens several times a day. Everyone can use the tool but the focus is mainly on accountants and mortgage lenders. Among these target audiences, file sharing is an important part of their core business.


The goal was to simplify the processes of file sharing, focused on target groups for whom file sharing is part of their core business. It had to be a simple, easy and efficient process where the workflow is fully automated.

“At Binsend, we want to relieve our customers in their everyday workflows. We don't assume what is best for our customers, but work together, as partners. This helps us validate the success of existing implementations and shape new ideas that match our customers' vision.”

Thomas Luijken, co-founder Binsend


Made together with the customer

When the product was good enough for testing with the customer, we started working together with BonsenReuling, to finalize the product. They are a business consultancy company that will use Binsend to optimize their processes. Together we finalized the needed features and listened to the wishes of the client to optimize the product.

Continuous improving

Markets are always on the move, that is why believe that a product is also never finished. We find it important to keep on developing and improving our product, so we are always trying to keep up with the customer and their needs.


Easy file sharing

Binsend facilitates file sharing and workflows like requesting all kinds of files with one or several persons, or even with a self-composed team, edit, approve and deny to enable efficient working between multiple companies and people. It is based on the SaaS approach.

Unique features

  • Custom branding
  • Analytics
  • Notifications
  • Advanced workflow presets
  • Choose where to store your data
  • Highly customizable
  • Truly flexible
  • No file size limit

“This is just the beginning of our journey, there is more to come”