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People first

That is why we also believe that culture is of the utmost importance. Making sure people have full control over their growth and ambitions, translates into happy, and qualitative people.

Core values

We want to guarantee that autonomy, agility and creativity are core values. We believe this attracts the best people. Combined with our flat hierarchy, business transparency and care for our customers we try to create an environment in which people can excel.


We are proud of our diverse team. Having people of different backgrounds with different skills results in a team that is able to come up with the best solution for our clients.


Every Baseflower gets 10% of their time to spend it on the things and topics that they are interested in. For example, they can spend it on the open source community or improve their personal skills.

We love to have fun!

Just take a look at our photos ;)

Family day 5
Family day 4
Family day 3
Bowling 1
Curling 1
Berlin 3
Berlin 2
Baseflow paintball
An offroad event
Baseflow kookworkshop
Flutter event
Baseflow family day 2
Baseflow band