Expanding on official Google Flutter plugins.





More information

Stabilizing official Google Flutter plugins and taking them to the next level.

The problem

Google created 15 Flutter plugins as proof of concept. As Flutter was becoming more popular, these plugins were becoming too popular: Google got complaints about the quality of their plugins and was faced with a choice of whether to pull the plug or develop them further.

Our solution

This is where Baseflow came in. Baseflow worked on taking those pre-existing plugins to the next stable level. This involved bug fixes, adding features, and converting plugins to sound architecture. We have achieved to stabilize these plugins and brought their quality to the next level.



Google is the creator of the Flutter open-source framework for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. Flutter is used in many large projects, including projects by: BMW, Google Pay, Alibaba Group, and Tencent.


Google supports flutter and is open to everyone. Flutter is characterized by its global open-source community wherein developers collaborate on the open-source framework, contribute to the ecosystem, and help other developers when needed.

“We've experienced that Baseflow is able to deliver the quality that Google demands.”

Tim Sneath (Senior Director, Google)


Collaboration between the Google Flutter team and Baseflow

Together with the Google Flutter team, we analyzed every plugin stepwise to see which issues had to be solved to call a plugin stable'. We made a list of topics for each plugin and prioritized these issues with Google. In addition, Google and Baseflow were in weekly contact to discuss the status, progress, and any problems during the stabilization process.

Flutter ecosystem

Taking these plugins to the next level involved bug fixes, adding features, and converting to a stable architecture. A Flutter plugin bridges the native operating system and the Flutter ecosystem. To bring these plugins to the next level, we have written native code to make the standard APIs available in Flutter and its development language, Dart.


Successful collaboration

After working with Google for the better part of a year and a half, we proudly announce that the project was a huge success. Due to the close and intensive collaboration with the Google Engineering Group and the in-house Flutter expertise of Baseflow, the Flutter plugins were successfully brought to the next level.

Popular plugins

The project was to expand further on the Flutter plugins made by Google. The most popular plugins that we have worked on during this project were:
Camera: Allows you to integrate camera functionality into your flutter app
In_app_purchase: Allows you to integrate app purchase functionality into your flutter app.
Quick_actions: Allows you to add quick actions to your flutter app.
Webview_flutter: Allows you to display web pages in your flutter app.
Image_picker: Allows app developers to allow users to select an image from their photo library.
Local_auth: Allows flutter developers to access biometric sensors - face id - thumb scanner.