A sustainable mobility car-sharing platform

Change the world for the better with technology

There are still big climate problems and there are a lot of people and companies who all try to contribute in their own way. We believe that every bit helps. That is also the case for shared cars, and they are getting more popular every day. The goal of WeGo is to increase the occupancy rate of vehicles and contribute to improving society. They wanted to create a seamless booking and drive experience with an app for end-users to make it easy for businesses to get the most out of their mobility fleets.

The result is an effective and sustainable mobility car-sharing platform.


WeGo is a partner in car-sharing solutions to enable the sharing of vehicles between multiple drivers. Their solutions make vehicles accessible for users through the app and provide insights into vehicle use. WeGo is making a material contribution to the shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle use. They aim to increase the sharing of vehicles between multiple drivers, and they support the automotive sector to respond to this shift, focusing on the end-users in various sectors. 

By making car-sharing successful, they ensure that fewer vehicles remain stationary. Moreover, this allows for shared costs, flexible mobility, and less parking pressure.

WeGo want to ensure that usability was increased, so that businesses could:

  • Get a higher utilization from all mobility assets
  • Make a better use of existing fleets
  • Help to shrink the size of some fleets
  • Create a secure digital record of drive times (this helps both the fleet master and the driver for a digital logbook solution)


The challenges were that it had to be integrated with an existing Bluetooth technology base, that it was easily adaptable and human-friendly and that it had to be rolled out within three months. Because of this, we created a dedicated team and used the agile approach which works especially well when the project has a tight deadline.

WeGo found a partner in Baseflow as the same motivations drive them. We both try to change the world for the better with technology and help people.


A beautiful app made with Flutter with logical user experience. A car-shared platform that helps you show your location and where your car is located. Through the proprietary technology and accessible service, the occupancy rate of the vehicles can be increased, an unique user experience is offered, and it contributes to improving society. The app is the centerpiece of the WeGo Platform.

The app can create and view bookings, facilitate payment, locate the car and unlock it. From start to finish the app takes care of both the user and the fleet manager.


  • Immediate increase in downloads on the app store
  • Improved ratings
  • A lot of positive comments on Facebook. 

Overall they were thrilled with the end product and how we worked together.

After the first 3-months, we kept expanding the app with more features that tie into their goals.

May 3, 2021