Front-end Developer

Create amazing UI’s

Are you an experienced front-end developer that is interested in Flutter but did not go beyond the proverbial ‘hello world’? Then this might be for you!

Baseflow is recognized worldwide for its Flutter knowledge. Not only do we use Flutter for most of our apps, but we also actively contribute to the ever-growing Flutter ecosystem with our open source work.

For Baseflow’s expanding team we are looking for enthusiastic front-end developers that are interested in:

  • Working with some of the brightest Flutter minds to learn from
  • Building great apps for customers
  • Helping out customers on consultancy base that are (try to) doing Flutter themselves 
  • Low-level stuff like Flutter plugins or the Flutter platform itself 

If you think you are up to the challenge then at least you need to:

  • Be interested in new stuff, especially Flutter 
  • Have (some) experience with other front-end technologies
  • Not be scared to ‘learn on the job’
  • Be interested and/or passionate about open source projects
  • Like teamwork
  • Be open-minded
  • Like the idea of sharing knowledge (both internally and externally)
  • Feel comfortable with non-hierarchical organizations

We offer you an environment where you can continuously learn and grow. Our people-first strategy is based on the simple idea that success begins with happy people.