Yes! Baseflow is a Great Place to Work!

And we couldn't be happier

97% of our colleagues responded, 'Yes, Baseflow is a great place to work'! And we're proud of that! This was the first time we participated, and we're excited to call ourselves a great place to work for the next coming year.

What is a Great Place to Work (GPTW) Certification?

The certification is a recognition awarded to companies prioritizing employee satisfaction, engagement, and well-being. GPTW is an independent organization that evaluates workplace culture and employee experience through an assessment process. 

To evaluate companies, they use the Trust Index Employee Survey. This survey is sent out to all employees in the company, as well as an evaluation of the company's policies and practices.

Based on the responses to the statements on the survey, GPTW calculates a company's Trust Index score, which is the average score from all employee responses. You will receive a certificate if the score is higher than 70%. We scored 92% on the trust index and couldn't be happier. Every colleague has contributed to this outcome, shaping a culture where trust is more than just a word but rather a lived and shared experience.

"One of the best things about working at Baseflow is the trust and support I receive from the company. When starting a new project, management asks, 'What do you need?' and never, 'This is how you need to do it!' That makes it an absolute joy to work at Baseflow."
- Maurits van Beusekom (Sr. Lead Developer)

Culture is our main asset

Trust and freedom are two of our core values. And we are happy to see this reflected in the scores. Our mission is that everyone feels the authenticity to be themselves and enjoy going to work. A good work-life balance is essential for a positive workplace culture and is greatly encouraged. 

We offer flexible work hours, remote options, and unlimited vacation time. By supporting our colleagues to have a healthy balance between their work and personal lives, we can create a workplace that supports and values everyone. 

The power of People First

The labor market is becoming increasingly tight and entirely on our playing field. To stand out, you must go along with the employees' wishes and be actively involved in being an employer. 

You know how it goes - work doesn't have to be all work, work, work. We get that! We've kicked out the old-school idea of a set number of vacation days to the curb. Everyone needs downtime, and we all recharge in our unique ways.

And hey, we're all about pursuing what makes you tick. Taking time out for personal interests can keep job satisfaction levels high and even light a creative spark that finds its way back into your work. That's why we say, "Go ahead and use 10% of your work time to do your own thing!" Whether you're jamming out on a piano, becoming fluent in French, or creating a masterpiece on canvas - we're all for it. We don't see it as a perk but a vital piece of working at Baseflow.

"One of the many things I like at Baseflow is the open and friendly culture. People are always willing to help each other out. Everyone is approachable, always working together, and loves sharing knowledge. That creates the open and inspirational atmosphere where I want to work."
- Danny Seigers (Sr. User Experience Designer)

Better together

Of course, we also have improvement points to work on. Growth is a continuous journey, and we're dedicated to walking this path together, always striving to enhance our work environment. We stand together in our journey towards improvement, always aspiring to make Baseflow an even greater place to work. After all, you don't create a culture at your desk by yourself; you do it together. 

"From the moment I started at Baseflow, I felt comfortable. Everybody is so friendly and helpful. This culture suits me. Even when something private happens, I can always rely on my colleagues. There is just a chill vibe here."
- Laura ter Harmsel (Project Manager)