Starting a new job during the lockdown

The experiences of our latest colleague who started working at Baseflow during the Covid lockdown

Somewhere halfway through 2020, I decided to take a new step in my career. Not that I needed a change of scenery as I worked from home since March that year, but I got offered an interesting opportunity at Baseflow. So after a few days of consideration, I jumped on the new job train. As I’ve worked remotely from home within a team for over half a year already, I thought this would be an easy switch. Just grab a new set of hardware and keep on going with the daily routine. I was so wrong. 

The first working day has been one of the few days I’ve been to the office. I got to meet the few people left there as the rest worked from home and got a nice introduction to the company. To help get me started, Baseflow introduced me to the buddy program, where you have a buddy assigned who helps you with the ins and outs of the company. I got to learn a lot from my buddy, and it made me realize how much information you miss without the small get-togethers or the quick conversations while grabbing a coffee.

I got introduced to Slack, the communication software used by Baseflow. Our daily contact moments are in the morning, and a few times a week we have a video call as a coffee break. After a few breaks, I started to realize that with every call, you get a bit of insight into how people live. Whether it’s a pet walking in the background or a piece of art hanging on the wall, it tells something about the person you’re talking to. A side of people you normally don’t see in the office.

In the last few months, I got back to my routine of working in a team. The digital stand-ups, the video calls, the online drinks, everything feels normal again. I’ve managed to get to know everyone who works at Baseflow and the company even sends several presents to make us feel extra valued. Whether it’s a beer and meat-loaded package for Christmas, brownies to cheer you up, or a delicious box of Easter egg chocolates, I’ve enjoyed them all.

It’s been a full year now since I’ve started working from home and even though the convenience of having no travel time does make it easier, I’m looking forward to going back to the office again. It’s the small moments I miss in the office, the social interactions, and enjoying a few drinks on a Friday afternoon with colleagues. I cannot wait until we can enjoy these things once more.