Introducing our Head of Culture!

Introducing our new 'Head of Culture!'

From the very first day, it was clear to us that at Baseflow, it's all about people first, followed by technology and processes. To perform at our maximum, our people must be able to perform at their best. This has resulted in our "people first" policy, where our people come first. This is not just about good coffee, a nice office, and fun company outings (although we have all these things ūüėÜ). It's about having fun in daily work, professionally and personally developing oneself, and feeling the freedom to always be yourself.

This is reflected in our employment conditions: 10% creative time and unlimited paid time off, amongst others. But you mostly see it in the Baseflow culture: friendly, open, curious, and always looking ahead.

But how do you ensure that this culture remains in a rapidly growing organization? How do you safeguard something that is not as tangible as a culture?

In addition to our people, our culture is Baseflow's most valuable asset, requiring constant attention and care. And it will continue to develop along with all our people.

To ensure this, we have concluded that there must be someone in the organization who entirely focuses on our culture. Someone fully focused on caring for, enriching, and protecting our culture. Because we want to continue to offer the best work environment for our people and, therefore, the best for our customers.

I am therefore thrilled to introduce Maartje Mutter as Baseflow's "Head of Culture." Maartje has been working at Baseflow for several years and is an expert in our culture. She has always been interested in everything that makes our culture what it is. On the one hand, she will be dealing with very practical matters ("maybe we should try to write down what our culture is"), but she will also be more outward-facing with our story. And a lot of other things, but that's for another time.

In short: we are super happy that Maartje is going to fill this role at Baseflow!