Dutch Flutter Meetup success!

We are always eager to talk about all things Flutter, so we hosted another successful Flutter Meetup in the first week of November.

Baseflow hosted another successful Flutter Meetup in the first week of November. Over 25 people joined the meeting inside the Klooster Dolphia, where members were treated to a delicious dinner, drinks and all-you-can-handle Flutter buffet!

We are always eager to talk about all things Flutter, so to get a sense of what people wanted to know more about - we took our question to the people! We posted a poll on twitter and it was decided…

We we're going to talk about Architecting apps using the BLoC Pattern.

Wait… you are not sure what Flutter is? It's the new mobile app SDK to help developers and designers build modern mobile apps for both iOS and Android. https://flutter.io

Maurits van Beusekom one of Baseflow resident Flutter experts, gave an in-depth talk into the benefits and why be prefers Architecting apps using the BLoC Pattern. Baseflow has been very busy building apps for clients using Flutter and are devoted to sharing their knowledge within the community.
BLoC  stands for Business Logic Components. The basic idea of BLoC is that everything in the app should be represented as a stream or a sink event. An input sink can be used by widgets to notify the BLoC of new events. An output stream property can be used by widgets to listen for state changes and create the layout accordingly. 
 BLoC sits in the middle, managing the conversation. Dart even comes with a syntax for working with streams that are based into the language! The best part about this pattern is that you won't need to import any plugins or learn any custom syntax. Flutter already comes with everything you need. Maurits dove right into the architecture and even gave a live technical demonstration. 
An interesting question was raised during the event:

Why use BLoC instead of using Provider?

In short, Provider in itself doesn't replace the BLoC pattern. However, you can set up your architecture to use Provider in a way that could replace the BLoC pattern. The answer is brief here, but it is something we can explain further in a future blog post. 

We had some cool swag to give away in the shape of stickers and t-shirts. It was well received by the attendees. And that is not all! We've compiled this handy cheat sheet to recap all the important takeaways. Download it here.

Are you interested in all things Flutter? Then join us at our next meetup 11th December, where we are hosting a live viewing party of Flutter Interact 19'. Mark your calendar now to make sure you don't miss out and check up meetup and RSVP.  


November 14, 2019

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