Baseflow now on Github Sponsors

Baseflow is excited to announce that we, as an organization, have joined the Github Sponsors program. You like what we do? Show us your support by becoming a Baseflow sponsor!

Baseflow is excited to announce that we, as an organization, have joined the Github Sponsors program.  This is exciting for you as now you can make contributions to Baseflow on Github, to help maintain the open source projects you depend on.

Baseflow is a firm believer in making open source work sustainable and is proud to be apart of the steps Github is taking to make this possible. This isn't the only way but is a step in the right direction. We collectively within the community need to take a stand and be responsible for the sustainability of open source.

Do you rely on any of the following packages or think they are worth maintaining? Baseflow supports some popular packages you may be familiar with or already using!

- Geolocator  Awarded as a #FlutterFavorite by the Flutter team
- Permission Handler
- Mvvmcross 18,010,239+ Nuget downloads  
- Lottie 1,086,770+ Nuget downloads
- CachedNetworkImage  

By supporting open software producers and maintainers, you'll be helping to ensure timely bug fixes, useful new features, and the regular release of new versions. Depending on your level of support, we can also help you directly with a private consultation.

It's not only you, but the developers get the recognition for the craftsmanship they have put into so many of the applications that you use.

It's early stages, so we are trialing our first set of tiers. We offer a range of tiers with cool kickbacks, like mugs and swag bags, but also direct support from one of our experts to help you with a bug or issue of your choice!

Your sponsorship can be private or public, you decide. You need to be signed up to Github.

You can also opt-in to receive monthly updates from us and the progress we make, see if we achieved our goals, and all the new features we can add to our supported packages.

The most exciting thing is you could be our first sponsor!

Will you support us in changing the way we value open source?
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