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2020 - ongoing
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More convenience and profit in the chain through smart partnerships. To keep moving forward it is important to keep developing, this also applies to Asito. They work in various environments, each of which requires its own approach.

Optimize processes

Asito's goal is to help their customers by optimizing their processes as well as looking for sustainable solutions.

A facility management tool

They wanted to develop a facility management tool that provides greater convenience and efficiency, cost savings, and higher customer- and employee satisfaction. The result is a completely new product “OneGo”; a flexible platform, suitable for every sector.

About Asito

Asito is a large, national cleaning company with 50 locations throughout the Netherlands that works in the B2B field of facility services.

Best cleaning company

It is not without reason that Asito has been voted the best-rated cleaning company for years in a row, as a result of the Blauw Research study. Asito is a reliable partner in the field of facility services for offices, healthcare institutions, schools, transport, and recreation.


Continuous improvement in the processes is an important part of strengthening their core product as well as their position in the markets where they compete.

An iterative approach


Asito was looking for a partner to design and develop a new core product. At Baseflow we work very agile, everything happens in small steps. We believe great products arise when not everything is being laid down in advance.

Continuous strengthening

Continuously validating product use cases, together with the end users, is key. This was a perfect fit for Asito. With a released product, we still come together every two weeks to continue developing the product.

Wouter Arkink

“With Baseflow we work as one team. Together we determine where we’re going, and that approach suits us very well. They don’t just develop but also think along on a strategic level. I couldn’t be happier”

- Wouter Arkink (Manager Business Development, Asito)



OneGo is a digital service platform that can link facility tasks to the right person. The platform is suitable for collaboration between different facility parties so that everyone can benefit from smart and efficient working.

Asito OneGo


The platform helps create the most efficient and smart ecosystem among all facility services in buildings.

  • Location-based issues can be reported.
  • Tasks can be triggered.
  • Tasks can be scheduled.
  • Tasks can be assigned to someone.
  • All steps are fully traceable.
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    Used by various organizations


    One of the biggest and busiest airports in Europe, located in Amsterdam.

    Schiphol uses the platform to determine the exact location of, and assign a cleaning task to, a person who has time to clean up as quickly as possible. For example, think about a broken window somewhere at the airport that needs immediate attention. Efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount here.



    A chain of holiday parks in the Netherlands.

    Droomparken uses the platform to schedule fully automated house cleaning. For each house, a notification can be created, with different tasks. For example, the task of cleaning the house and the task of checking the cleaning. They save an enormous amount of time and money with this platform, they are very satisfied.

    Asito OneGo Droomparken


    Convenience and efficiency

    Insights and assurance

    Real-time insights into the status of notifications and assets

    Disruptions are resolved by deploying the right people at the right location

    Customer satisfaction

    The working environment for employees and customers has improved

    Costs are saved by working smarter and more efficiently