that matter

Technological develop­ments go faster and faster, and the challenges for businesses are getting bigger than ever. Software plays a major role in this, so we help you focus on what’s most important for your business and start from there. We help you accelerate.

How we work


From inception to execution, together we bring your core product to a higher level. That’s what we love to do, together with our partners, world-wide. Both, for big and small companies that share our values for collaboration.

People first

Making sure people have full control over their growth and ambitions, translates into happy, ambitious and qualitative staff.

Technology second

As we develop digital products for our partners operating in various businesses, we don’t push for a certain tech­nology to be used: it highly depends on the problem to be solved. The team, with a broad and diverse background, then picks the tech­nology that fits best.

An iterative approach

People and methodology are inseparable, and we found this fundamental to our combined future success. The product team works closely with our partners in an Agile environment.

“In terms of working with the staff of Baseflow I couldn’t be happier. The team was re­sponsive and knew what they were doing, they under­stood my needs. I was also impressed that the time difference did not stand in the way. Mostly every­body was available pretty much my entire working day.”

- Doug Young (Marketing Manager, Fujifilm)


We help our clients with new ways of working by strength­ening their core product through strategy, design and development.