We love Flutter. On this page, we like to share our knowledge and work in the Flutter ecosystem.

This makes Flutter cool

Flutter's unique architecture does not only make our developers happy, but also our designers! Flutter has become the standard for mobile development at Baseflow.

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Our Flutter plugins

Plugin name
Cache Manager
Android, iOS
Cache Manager Firebase
Android, iOS
Cached Network Image
Android, iOS
Android, iOS
Geolocator - Flutter favorite!
Android, iOS
Geolocator Platform Interface
Android, iOS, Web
Geolocator Web
Google Api Availability
Location Permissions
Android, iOS
Octo Image
Android, iOS, Web
Permission Handler
Android, iOS
Permission Handler Platform Interface
Android, iOS, Web

Need help with these plugins?

Check the documentation

Often you will find the answer to your question in the documentation of the plugin.
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Missing a feature or found a bug? Create an issue for us to fix.
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Make a pull request and help others

Want to contribute a feature or bug fix? Don’t be shy and make a pull request.
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