Introducing Laura and Bodhi

We are proudly to announce that not one, but two new interns joined our team!

Bodhi Mulders and Laura Loohuis are both following an internship at Baseflow and they let us know that they’re excited to be here. Within six months’ time both of them will be presenting their thesis on different subjects. Let’s introduce them.

Bodhi is an intern from Saxion University of Applied Sciences, where he studies Software Engineering. Currently, he is working on his graduation at Baseflow, where he focuses on developing the first parts of our upcoming event platform. As a passion, Bodhi has the piano and mechanical keyboards, and loves working on his own programming projects. Another musical wonder and craftsman to join Baseflow.

Commercial Economics student Laura, from the Hanze University Groningen, will research how we are to improve our new website. She’ll focus on content marketing in combination with search engine optimization, as this is where her biggest interests lie within the field of Online Marketing. And believe it or not, Laura loves to sing, which is perfect for our band!

We are convinced that both students will do very well and we’re curious as to what they’ll learn, and what we will learn from them.

Welcome Bodhi and Laura!

February 15, 2019
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