Introducing Elbert!

Elbert Vink joins the Baseflow team!

Personally I find the process of growing a company one of the coolest things to do. Who do we need next? What kinda person would fit in with the team? How can we as a company get the best out of this person?
As in most companies this is a continuous running process: finding good people is challenging these days.

But sometimes you get lucky. Real lucky. So let me introduce Elbert Vink. A creative mastermind, both with the pencil and on a conceptual level. Elbert will be leading our creative efforts from its earliest concepts all the way to the graphic design to achieve the best user experience.

Elbert on keyboard

Oh. Did I mention that he's a true multi-instrumentalist and has joined the Baseflow band as well?

October 4, 2018
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Harry ten Berge
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