Introducing Baseflow

You know that thought. “If I were in control I would do it differently”. Not necessarily better, but different. After a couple of years having a management position in a company I don’t own this thought popped up more often...

But having a thought like that is something else then actually act upon it. Until I drank a few beers with some old colleagues to find out that they’ve been thinking about starting for themselves as well.

So here we are. More than 1 year after initially talking about it, making plans, re-thinking it, drinking more beers. Today marks the launch of Baseflow, our company where we do things differently. Where we put the well-being of our team before our customers. Where we promote autonomy. Not because it sounds good, but because we think our people are perfectly capable of making the right decisions themselves. Where there’s time to do ‘other stuff’ like open-source, talk at events or just spend some time on figuring out new technologies.

And the good news for our customers? They work together with a varied, highly skilled and motivated team. Where we don’t sell technology, but a solution for their challenges. Where we become partners instead of having traditional customer/supplier relationships. And where you can always join the team drinks on Friday afternoon or just walk in at any time.

Interested? Give us a call.

On behalf of the Baseflow team.
May 21, 2018
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Harry ten Berge
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